Hello group. It's unfortunate that this group is so small still. Needs to be beefed up, eh!
I figured I'd take a moment to introduce myself. I'm from Fort Wayne, IN and when playing a built deck go pure rogue.
I was in the process of collecting and organizing information in preparation of building a new rogue deck. Ask me about my "brilliant" idea if you're interested. Enough interest and I'll post my fantasy deck make to get some feedback.

I'll also likely complain about my best friend doorfat who is like Rainman when it comes to gaming and has built what can likely be called an unbeatable deck. Comment for more info about what I do know about his deck that has at least 3 win conditions.

Hope to hear from you! I hope this group has some real activity.

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Spoils Sunday?

Spoils this Sunday anyone? There is talk of a booster tournament. Oh and Cap'n what game did you find and FYI I'm off this weekend from Sunday to Wednesday to convert myself over to graveyards again.

Things I've learned tonight...

Eccentric Inquisition:

When played, the tactics found are removed from the game & then can be played as though from the hand. At this point, because playing a tactic from the hand results in the tactic going to the discard pile the card COMES BACK INTO PLAY and enters it's owner's discard pile! Also, yes, the cost must be paid with no regard to whether the user has enough prerequisite resource cards.

Multiple items CAN be played on one character and multiple copies of that item CAN be played on one character.

While there is a difference between being played and being put into play, if a card's ability or trigger is "entering play" then it happens either way.

Most of these tidbits of info I found on the spoils forum & were given by a Level 1 judge.